Journal Articles

Conference Papers

  • Seyed Ali Baradaran Birjandi, Niels Dehio, Abderrahmane Kheddar, and Sami Haddadin. Robust Cartesian Kinematics Estimation for Task-Space Control Systems. IROS 2022. (Accepted).
  • Rafael I. Cabral Muchacho, Riddhiman Laha, Luis F.C. Figueredo, and Sami Haddadin. A Solution to Slosh-free Robot Trajectory Optimization. IROS 2022. (Accepted).
  • Moritz Eckhoff, Robin Jeanne Kirschner, Elena Kern, Saeed Abdolshah, and Sami Haddadin. An MPC Framework For Planning Safe & Trustworthy Robot Motions. ICRA 2022.
  • Lars Johannsmeier, and Sami Haddadin. Can we reach human expert programming performance? A tactile manipulation case study in learning time and task performance. IROS 2022. (Accepted).
  • Kübra Karacan, Hamid Sadeghian, Robin Jeanne Kirschner, and Sami Haddadin. Passivity-Based Skill Motion Learning in Stiffness-Adaptive Unified Force-Impedance Control. IROS 2022. (Accepted).
  • Alexander Kurdas, Mazin Hamad, Jonathan Vorndamme, Nico Mansfeld, Saeed Abdolshah, and Sami Haddadin. Online Payload Identification for Tactile Robots Using the Momentum Observer. ICRA 2022.
  • Carlos Magno C. O. Valle, Alexander Kurdas, Edmundo Pozo Fortunic, Saeed Abdolshah, and Sami Haddadin. Real-time IMU-Based Learning: a Classification of Contact Materials. IROS 2022. (Accepted).
  • Nico Mansfeld, Guillermo Gómez Peña, Mazin Hamad, Alexander A. Kurdas, Saeed Abdolshah, and Sami Haddadin. Global Safety Characteristics of Wheeled Mobile Manipulators. CASE 2022.
  • Thomas Steinecker, Alexander Kurdas, Nico Mansfeld, Mazin Hamad, Robin Jeanne Kirschner, Saeed Abdolshah, and Sami Haddadin. Mean Reflected Mass: A Physically Interpretable Metric for Safety Assessment and Posture Optimisation in Human-Robot Interaction. ICRA 2022.
  • Jonathan Vorndamme, Luis Figueredo, and Sami Haddadin. Robot Contact Reflexes: Adaptive Maneuvers in the Contact Reflex Space. IROS 2022. (Accepted).
  • Henning Zwirnmann, Moritz Eckhoff, and Sami Haddadin. Core Processes in Intelligent Robotic Lab Assistant: Flexible Liquid Handling. IROS 2022. (Accepted).

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