The designs are inspired from the original work by macrovector / Freepik

To develop the R&D subproject 1 – AI.Robot (or KI.Roboter), various aspects of the systems are researched and subcomponents are developed. For this purpose, existing robot platforms are set as a basis and then gradually extended. These include hardware components such as gripping systems, sensors, or communication modules. The research topics deal with physical interaction with the environment, understanding of processes (matching with process descriptions), networking with the KI.FABRIK, verifiability of planned processes for safety, autonomous task planning, learning ability, and human-robot collaboration. In addition, there will be a focus on fundamental topics such as trustworthy, transparent AI, and environmentally aware AI. The mobile and stationary AI.Robots will ultimately work directly with humans in the KI.FABRIK and represent extremely flexible, fully integrated, intelligent tools.